The Pope & The Gospel

Last week Pope Francis was in the news for injecting himself into American Politics – While answering a reporter he said, “Anyone that thinks only about building walls and not bridges is not a Christian. That’s not the gospel.” The main stream media & the pundits had a field day and my intent is not to add another two cents to the political debate.

My beef is about something that never got picked up by the media : “What is the Gospel? Is it about building bridges and not walls?”  And by the way, we have all heard people say that gospel is about feeding the poor, taking care of the sick,  sacrificial giving, embracing austerity, its all about love and peace.  We heard these definitions so often that we have stopped reacting.

We need to go back to the Bible to understand what Gospel really is — It is the good news for sinners.  It’s about a sinner realizing that he cannot save himself from eternal damnation and believes in the savior Jesus Christ who paid the penalty for his sins by dying in his stead on the cross

This is the full Gospel. Period.

If you’ve been attracted to social gospel, morality gospel, prosperity gospel, therapeutic gospel or any other type of gospel, it augurs well to ignore them all. There is just one Gospel and that’s the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Prophet Hosea addressing the religious leaders of Israel,  spoke for God saying “My people are ruined for lack of knowledge”.  This message resonates to the religious leaders in the 21st  century.

Millions of Christians are dying because of spiritual malnutrition and they are ruined because they know everything other than the Gospel.  The blame falls squarely on the leaders who bloviate and are experts at peddling temporal remedies, while ignoring the weightiest matter of all – our eternity.


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