The Foolish Prince.

My jaw hit the floor when I read about Prince Charles’ outrageous comment on BBC urging Christians to remember Prophet Mohammed this Christmas. It’s a pity the person who’s slated to become the next formal head of the Church of England sees no difference between Mohammed and our Lord Jesus Christ. He not only exhibited his ignorance of Islam & its Prophet, but also his lack of understanding the Gospel.

We cannot & should not compare Jesus Christ to any human being – There were men trying to live godly lives and urging their followers to do so, there were prophets of God, but there is only One who pre-existed his birth and “came down from heaven” – That’s our Lord Jesus Christ. Christ’s birth was the original riches to rags story.  It is about the King of kings & the Lord of lords, the Mighty God  who stripped himself of His Glory, took the form of a slave and was born not in a castle but on the dirty floor of a manger.

God did not become a man to start Christianity or to give the beatitudes or to show us how to live a godly life.  He came to DIE on the CROSS.

In his conversation with Nicodemus, Jesus explained His mission with no ambiguity.  “Just as Moses lifted up a serpent in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up  – that whoever believes in Him will have eternal life”.  For those of us who’re not familiar with the incident : Israelites sinned by cursing God in the desert and He sent fiery serpents which killed many.  Then the Lord instructed Moses to make a bronze serpent & lift it up on a pole, so that ANY ONE who who looked upon it would live.   Only those that realized they deserved the punishment would’ve  humbled themselves before God & looked upon the “bronze” serpent for their healing.

Likewise, Christ was lifted upon a cross (as the curse that hangs on a tree. (Galatians 3:13),  He is God’s provision to save the sinful  world. ANYONE who’d believe in Him (look upon him) will not perish but have eternal life. (Notice the parallel?)

That’s the greatest gift ever!  

Romans 6 states we all have sinned & have earned the wages of death, BUT the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus. (v23).  This gift is available to ANYONE – rich or poor, well educated or unschooled, shepherd or a prince, whoever that’d believe and look upon Him.

Prince Charles’ comments reflect the sad state of Christianity in Britain today. The nation that once boasted itself a Christian nation is now a parched land.   Christmas is NOT a time to remember Mohammed, Buddha or even Santa.  These have no power to save.  The Bible says there is no salvation in ANY OTHER NAME (Act 4:12).  This is the time to remember Christ who was born to die so we might have eternal life!


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