Did Jesus LITERALLY Rise From The Dead?

It has become customary for the main stream media (CNN/New York Times/Time Magazine etc) to publish stories during Christmas / Good Friday that are cleverly written to unsettle the faith of a Christian.

NYT published an op-ed yesterday titled  “President Carter, Am I a Christian” quizzing the former President who incidentally calls himself a born-again evangelical, if he thought Jesus LITERALLY rose from the dead.

Despite his long-time Sunday school teaching experience, President Jimmy Carter could only mutter : my belief in resurrection of Jesus comes from my christian faith and not from any need of scientific proof” and NYT gladly went to town with it ’cause it furthered their narrative that Christians live in a world of make believe.

Just a brief look in the Gospel of John proves Christ’s resurrection was real and that our faith is not “blind”.  Even Jesus’ disciples did not believe (in the resurrection) without proof.

  1. John believed AFTER he examined the linen clothes – they were still in a wrapped state (like someone sucked the body out of the grave clothes).  John knew for sure, it was not a robbery, but a resurrection!
  2. Mary did not come to the grave on Sunday morning expecting a resurrection.  The empty tomb didn’t convince her of the resurrection.  Neither could the two angels.  But when the “gardener” called her name… she believed.
  3. Doubting Thomas – was a skeptic. Did his comrades encounter a ghost?  He declared he’d NOT believe in the “bodily” resurrection, until he touched Jesus’ wounds.  Jesus appeared to Thomas and said:  “reach out your finger here & see my hands and put out your hand and place in My side”.  That’s when Thomas the skeptic became a believer.  He answered Him “My Lord, and my God”.  
    • My Lord = his master, the one he followed for 3+ yrs!
    • My God = the one who has power over death!

John, Mary &  Thomas’ belief in the resurrection of Jesus did not come from their Christian faith.  They believed Jesus would REMAIN dead, but it’s what they examined, saw, heard & touched that proved otherwise.  Scientific?  – You bet!



2 thoughts on “Did Jesus LITERALLY Rise From The Dead?

  1. I’m with President Carter on it. The hearsay evidence of what Thomas experienced is not scientific. It’s someone else’s account of what a witness we can’t question went through, written a lifetime after Jesus died. If we believe, it’s because we choose to, by faith in an unproven, unprovable truth.


    1. Thomas -the-skeptic became a martyr.
      Historical records state that he sailed to India to preach the Gospel (death, burial and resurrection of Jesus). He was killed for his faith in Mylapore/Madras.
      What would turn a skeptic into a martyr?

      You must read Lee Strobel’s “The Case For Christ” — he has some compelling evidence. My blog post was limited to John 20.

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