Christ-mas / You-mas

Another Christmas is round the corner.  And it is no surprise we go nuclear with our forwards/greetings on the social media.  This blogpost is a response to one such  text (attributed to Pope Francis).  I perceive it intends to tell the reader that Christmas is more than loud parties, booze and meaningless celebration .  I will […]

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Forever Single?

Does the Bible command/make it compulsory for a  Christian to marry?
Once married, is it a Biblical requirement to have children?

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Did Jesus LITERALLY Rise From The Dead?

It has become customary for the main stream media (CNN/New York Times/Time Magazine etc) to publish stories during Christmas / Good Friday that are cleverly written to unsettle the faith of a Christian. NYT published an op-ed yesterday titled  “President Carter, Am I a Christian” quizzing the former President who incidentally calls himself a born-again evangelical, if […]

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We’ve read the story, seen the movie and yet many can’t articulate well why an apparent sad Friday became “good”.  Good Friday is an important day in Christendom when we commemorate our Lord’s death. We fast, pray and mourn. Some follow the tradition wear black, read a passion (suffering) passage from the Bible and maintain […]

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The Foolish Prince.

My jaw hit the floor when I read about Prince Charles’ outrageous comment on BBC urging Christians to remember Prophet Mohammed this Christmas. It’s a pity the person who’s slated to become the next formal head of the Church of England sees no difference between Mohammed and our Lord Jesus Christ. He not only exhibited his ignorance of Islam & its […]

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